How to Write an Apology Letter?

An apology letter is written to say sorry to someone for what he has said or done. An individual who accepts his/her mistake promptly then he/she will be in a position of writing an apology letter. Accepting the mistake and promptly writing this type of letter helps an individual in rebuilding personal or professional relationship. Your letter has to show that you have taken full responsibility of the error. This gesture of writing a letter will make your relationship healthy.

This sort of letter has to be short and concise. The tone used should be positive and soft. The letter has to be written immediately after the mistake is committed. The letter should not talk about how the error happened but how you are going to rectify the error. What steps you are taking to repair the damage done and how those measures will not lead to further problems. The letter should have your plan of action. The language that you use in letter should not be dramatic but clear and the message has to be understood by the reader.

Take a look at these tips that will help you in drafting an apology letter:

  • The letter has to be printed on company's letter head if it is for business purpose. You can even write a hand written apology letter for your friend, family member or relative.
  • The letter should be addressed to the person who has suffered a loss due to your mistake. You have to say sorry to him/her.
  • The steps that you are taking to rectify your error have to be specifically mentioned in the letter. Give detailed information about it in the main body of the letter.
  • The letter has to be personalized as you are saying sorry to someone. Use formats available in books or on the internet but make changes in those according to your needs.
  • It has to begin with "Dear" followed by the person's name.
  • It has to end with a complimentary closure. The phrases like thanking you. Yours sincerely, etc. should be used followed by your signature and name.
  • It should be flawless.
  • It should use fonts like Times New Roman and Arial. The font size used in letter should be readable.
  • It has to be drafted in such a manner that some of the damage should be repaired after reading the letter.

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