Birthday Letter to Boyfriend

Birthdays have to be special and if it's your lover's birthday, it means to you even more than that of anyone else. It's time for you to prove your love for your lover.

It's time for regal celebrations. This is an opportunity for you two to get drenched into the colors of love. How about sending a beautiful bouquet for him early morning along with an equally beautiful birthday letter?

I think you would love to add to the colors of love by doing this. I am sure your letter will be the best gift for your lover on his birthday. He will keep your letter with him forever as a token of your love and romance.

Well, writing a birthday letter to lover is no easy job. I am sure you will be very choosy about the selection of words.

I can see you fighting with your vocabulary for the right words. Nervous moments, aren't they?

Let me help you, let me give you some guidelines about how to write a beautiful birthday letter to your boyfriend.

Understand one thing at the outset. This is an informal type of letter writing and so you should feel at home. There is no rigid format of writing to which you are supposed to stick.

There is ample scope for your feelings to pour down. There is a sweet relationship blooming between you and your boyfriend. Try to use the occasion of his birthday to strengthen the roots of this relationship.

While extending your birthday wishes to him, try also to express his importance in your life.

I won't say you should be a poet for writing such a letter. However it is advisable to be as frank and free in your expression as possible. Tell him how eagerly you were waiting for this day and how you want to make the day memorable for you.

Let me give you an example of how to format a simple yet impressive birthday letter for your boyfriend. The main content in this letter is more important than the address of the sender and the details of the recipient.

My love

Each word in this letter wants to wish you a very happy birthday! Each letter in every word here is eager to be read by you. Many happy return of the day, my dear! May God bless you with sound health, all happiness, affluence and a long life. You are a nice human being indeed. I want to see you successful in all walks of your life and I promise I will be always with you in all your joys and sorrows. James, you know how eagerly I wait for your birthday every year. to me it's even more important than Christmas.

James, three years we have been together and know each other so well. We love the similarities between you and me; we like the differences as well. Now our relationship is in such a matured state that no petty quarrel, no trivial differences can break it. My journey of life with you during these three years has been quite fruitful. I have learnt quite a few important things with you; from you; just because of you. You taught me how to make the most of my life. You showed me how to search for beauty in each and every object around me. I owe you a lot, James and I mean it. I cannot imagine my existence without you. Today you add a year to your life and let me use this occasion to accept that you are with me to add life to my years.

I have some special plans for today, in fact surprises. I want to relive some of the moments of our past. As I told you on Thursday, I am coming to your place in the evening. Be ready. Let's make the evening special; very special.

James, this is my first letter to you during these three years and you can understand my condition. I am fighting for words. I am not a good writer at all; but yes, I do want you to keep this letter as a token of our love. So let's meet in the evening. I hope you like the bouquet that I have sent just for you; your favorite red roses which remind you of me. As far as this letter is concerned, I am not sure how far I have been able to pen down my feelings for you. Excuse my mistakes if you find any.

Once again, I wish you a very happy birthday.
Only yours,

This is one way to express your feelings for your lover on his birthday. Remember this is just a guiding light. You can use your own language or even pick up some stuff from this letter as well. We don't mind.

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