Birthday Letter

Running out of ideas when it comes to wrote a birthday letter? Well, there are many things that can be written in a birthday letter apart from a 'happy birthday' note. Write about the relation you share with the person. let the person know that this day is special for you and that you are happy to have him/her as a friend/ acquaintance/ boss. Maintain a friendly tone all throughout and according to the age and disposition of the person add some joke, quotes or graphics. If you are writing a birthday letter to your colleague or boss, be a little formal but a casual language and tone is ok. You can use colors to make the letter look happy, avoid very bright colors if is to be given to your boss. Birthday is the time to celebrate. With age, the methods might change but celebrations remains. The happiness of the day on which we came to this beautiful world is indeed special. And as the day is special, a birthday letter has to be special.

Let us see some methods to make your birthday letter the most special one.

  • A birthday letter if written to a friend can and should carry some personal tone. You can add some punch line which defines your friendship. If you are writing a professional birthday letter, starting a letter with a quote is a good idea.
  • As a birthday letter is not a formal one when writing to a friend, it gives you free hand in experimenting. You can add creativity of your own by writing something funny or adding graphics. In a birthday letter, being written to your colleague or superior do not indulge in stylistic fonts. Keep it simple and straight. Convey congratulations and your best wishes. Do not exaggerate your letter with superfluous praise.
  • You can use a colored paper for writing a birthday letter if it is being written for a friend. We suggest sticking to basic colors which are not very bold in case the letter is for someone with whom you share formal relations. Do not choose colors which are very dull. A birthday letter is best when hand written. Draw a border to make it more attractive.
  • Include a small section in your letter which says about your relation ship with the person, what he/she means to you.
  • You can include a happy memory that you shared with the person. Some lighthearted humor will also do if the person in jovial and witty.
  • If a birthday letter is being written to a small kid, add some cartoon characters. You can stick some chocolates to the letter to make it interesting.
  • While writing a letter to a kid, try to include some fairy characters and weave a story telling the importance of growing old. Your letter can be a good opportunity to teach some good things to a kid.
  • There are some age related letters too. A letter to someone turning 18 would be different than that for someone who is turning 25. The matter of the letter should be appropriate to the age of the person.
  • Use different colors and in stead of a simple envelope try and have an attractive and interesting envelope.

Birthday is a special day for everyone. Your letter can make it more special. Write your feelings out for the person and let him/her know that he/she is special and precious.

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