How to Write an Employment Letter?

An employer as well as an employee writes employment letters at various junctures in his or her career. Every organization has a particular format of letters or printed letters where you just need to fill in details like name, designation, etc. As an employer, you write appointment letters, appreciation letter for your employees. An employee writes reference letters, resignation letter, etc. A lot of official correspondence happens through letters in your career.

An employment letter is used for professional purposes so it has to be printed on company's letter head. The letter has to address a specific person. The person's name and contact address have to be mentioned right in the beginning of the letter. The main purpose of writing the letter should feature in the first paragraph of the letter. The letter has to be clear, direct and concise. The tone used in the letter has to be soft and positive. A feeling of respect and mutual trust has to ooze out through the employment letters.

A lot of employment letters are written throughout professional life. Here we are discussing the most common employment letters that are in all the organizations worldwide. Let's take a look at different types of Employment Letters:

  • Employment Acceptance Letter: This type of letter is written to the employer to inform your acceptance of job offer. This letter is your response to the offer letter. The letter is beginning of the official correspondence between your organization and you. The letter deals with your acceptance to the salary, designation and terms and conditions offered by the company. The letter has to be drafted in such a manner that it impresses your employer and he/she is happy about your recruitment in the organization.
  • Employee Resignation Letter: This letter is written to convey your decision of resigning from the organization. The letter gives your last day of working, date of resigning and your future plans. Through this letter, the employee can show his or her gratitude towards the colleagues and employer. It is a good gesture to thank all the people who supported and guided him.
  • Employee Reference Letter: This sort of letter is used to give references about your colleagues to other organization. The letter is used as a platform to introduce the person, his skills and expertise to other organization. If the employee is moving from one organization to other, he can ask his employer to write a reference letter for him. A student can ask his or her teacher to write reference letter for an admission in a university.
  • Employee Leave Application: Through this letter, an employee can apply for a leave. This letter helps the employer in getting an idea about the reason for the leave that you plan to take or already have taken. This letter is a must and serves as a document to count your leaves that you have used in a year in the company. This letter has to be drafted in a professional manner giving the exact cause of your leave.

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