Congratulations Letter To High School Graduate

High school Graduation is an important achievement in a student's life. It is yet another feather in his cap. With high school graduation, the doors to the university are opened for a student. Achievements are to be celebrated and so when someone becomes a high school graduate, the successful candidate deserves admiration from all around. A congratulations letter works as an impressive tool at this time. When the high-school-graduate receives such a letter, the feeling of consummation fills his mind and he starts working for the future achievements with redoubled enthusiasm.

Writing a congratulations letter for high school graduation to someone from your close acquaintances is an art. If you want to congratulate your friend or anyone whom you know personally, sending a letter in your own handwriting is a nice idea. True in this age of computers where speed has become the watchword, you would prefer mails and SMS to a handwritten letter; but trust me such a letter is special even today. The recipient will definitely preserve that piece of letter with him/her for good.

The intent of a congratulations letter is to take a note of the remarkable achievement and hence the tone of your writing should be light. In case you as a member of some social organization are sending a congratulations letter for high school graduation to a bright and promising student in your area, it would be a semi formal kind of writing. If the letter is addressed to your friend or any of your acquaintances it will be an informal type of communication.

In a personal congratulations letter, you have more freedom for your expression. You can also use flowery language in this letter. You need not worry about the length of your letter and can be a spendthrift of words; but remember, too lengthy a letter may lose its beauty and flow.

Here follows a sample of a personal congratulations letter for high school graduation written to a friend. This is just a format and you can use your own words while drafting such a letter.


My Dear Friend Stuart,

Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!

Let me congratulate you on your splendid achievement. You are a high school graduate now and you cannot imagine how happy I am to tell everyone that my friend Stuart has topped the merit list. Excellent!

Stuart, the way you have achieved this success is just commendable. I know after losing your parents in that fatal car accident, it was you who had to shoulder the responsibility of your brother Sam. The way you managed things, the way you earned your livelihood and simultaneously continued with your and Sam's education, I must say you are great! Simply great!! I am proud to have a friend like you!

You have always been a bright student all through your academic career so far. It was a pleasure indeed to study with you. Whenever I had any doubts I was sure, you were there to solve my problems. You always loved studies and so could bring such excellent results in the exams. You were always a star student of our high school. And now that you have topped the merit list in the exams, you must be getting drenched into the showers of congratulations and best wishes. I hope my letter too makes you happy on this great occasion.

I wish you all the best for your future achievements. I am sure you will also do exceedingly well in your further exams. Your diligence, hard work, sincerity and perseverance will make you taste the fruits of success as usual. I congratulate you once again my friend!

Your friend,

Remember, there is no specific format for such personal letters. You can use your own informal language and congratulate your friend. I am sure the letter above will prove a great help to you when you draft your congratulations letter for high school graduation.

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