Work Experience Certificate Letter

Employees constantly change their jobs for whatever reason. On their departure from the company, they require an Work Experience Certificate Letter. Each and every company has its own fixed format, but in the absence of one, there is a certain sample letter that one can follow. This letter is mostly prepared by the Human Resources Department as they possess all the employee records.

The employee is qualified to receive this certificate, if he has completed a certain amount of time at the company. This certificate is proof that the person has worked in the company. This certificate has legal standing hence, it is very important for any employee.

The letter has to have formal language. The first thing that should be mentioned in the letter is the name of the employee, his designation and the date from which he has worked in the company. Although, the annual salary is usually not mentioned, the employee can request you to mention it. Mention the good qualities possessed by the employee, and give an overview of performance in the company.

Even extra-curricular activities can find a mention in the certificate as it is helpful in personality definition. It is the prerogative of the authority to make a personal comment on the employee. But it can be helpful for the employee if the authority figure knows him on a personal level. Keep the letter as short as possible and provide the correct correspondence numbers. To understand better, you can read the following sample Work Experience Certificate Letter.

Work Experience Certificate Letter Sample

John Reaper
Human Resources
Comcon Software Pvt. Ltd.

7647, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to certify that Mr. Robert Rodriguez had been an employee of Comcon Software Pvt. Ltd. from the period of 1st of August 2007 to the 1st of September 2009. He worked as a Marketing Head and drew an annual salary of $150, 000.

Mr. Rodriguez has been a good employee, wining the performance awards on many occasions. He is punctual, and rarely took any sick leaves. He handled a team of 17 employees, all of whom managed their work targets. He also handled additional responsibilities that were handed to him. He delivered quality work and would be a great addition to any company he chooses to work for.

I have also known him on a personal level and can give assurance that he is man of good character. He possesses good people skills and good work ethics. Mr. Rodriguez was also the captain of the company baseball team. Our team came in second in the amateur competitions under his guidance.

Mr. Rodriguez would be great addition to any company, and good quality of work can be expected from him. If any further enquiry is needed about him, feel free to contact on the correspondence provided.

Yours Sincerely,
- George Lopez

Human Resources
Comcon Software Pvt. Ltd

We have provided you with a sample Work Experience Certificate Letter. The letter is written by the Manager of Human Resources. This sample can be used for any subordinate employee. It gives an overview of what kind of an employee the person has been. This letter is required for future employment opportunities.

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