How to Write a Certification Letter?

A certification letter certifies the completion of a task, procedure or responsibility. It has to be authentic and formal. The contents should be valid and free from any disguise. If you are providing a certification letter to someone be sure to verify all the information before issuing the letter. If you are asking for a certification letter, provide with all the details with proofs for the back up. Never exaggerate and write to the point. Be sure that the certification letter has a signature of the proper person with a stamp of the institution, organization etc. keep the letter short and concise. Proof reading is a must while writing a certification letter. Any mistake can spoil the image of you as a person or of the organization.

Certification letter is given to someone to verify the deeds of that person. It can be regarding any project, competition, task or course completion. These are basically the letters of conformation and should be direct and concise.

Quick Tips to Draft a Good Certification Letter.

Writing a certification letter is not very difficult. It is because the content in known, the addressee is known, and the format is decided. Still some points to be remembered are:

Read and re read the certification letter before you hand them out to the addressee. Any mistake on your side will ruin the image of you and your organization.

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