Sample Fundraising Donation Letter

The main strategy to raise money is by writing an effective fundraising donation letter. These words may involve many things from a simple request to something such as a raffle prize. You can ask someone to sponsor the entire event and program and with the help of this sample fundraising donation letter, you can write a good fundraising letter. Few of you may find this as a daunting task; the only thing I can tell you for this is the letter should not be complicated. Even simple words which are nice and clear can make an effective letter.

While writing the letter, you need to have a clear idea as to what you are asking for and what does your organization require. The best thing that can make this whole process a lot easier for both the recipient and the writer is to know some of the following points:

Take the help of this sample fundraising donation letter that will make your job of writing easier.

Dear (recipient's name),

As you know our organization (insert the name of your organization) has provided a lot of services to the needy individual right here in our local community for (mention the number) years. Each year we come across a number of lives of people who are affected by (write the issue), this increases our responsibilities and services towards them. It is one of our goals to assist each and every individual with (issue) in our organization.

At (organization name), we cannot turn away people who need our services simply because we do not have enough room to accommodate them. Because of this reason, we need to expand our services that will ultimately serve the needs of the community who are impacted by the (issue).

In order to fulfill the mission, we need to have more space. This space will help us to serve the community fully. We really need your help to solve this problem. Please consider making donation to build the fund. All the donations raised here will be used to secure land and for construction of the new facility. This will help to serve the people which will have a residual positive impact on the community at large.

All the donations are needed and appreciated, regardless of the amount. Please think about this and how important the work of (organization's name) is, and consider about the positive impact it will make in the community we live in. Please, send the donation to (Organization's name) in the enclosed envelope. Your help will help us to expand and outreach every individual affected with the issue and we will make sure that no one is affected by the (issue).


(Your signature and below it your full name)

Auction coordinator

Generally, after you've send the fundraising letter for donation you may either get a donation or no response. In the vent if you feel your letter has served the purpose, follow up for a successful donation request with a thank you and if possible, you can give them a donor certificate and in it you can thank them for their support.

With the help of this sample fundraising donation letter, you can make your job of writing it easier. The only thing you need to know here is to keep your thoughts organized and clear, so that you can jot them down in the letter.

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