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A reference letter is used to introduce a person to a hiring manager or a new employer. It works as guarantee of that person's character and abilities. Generally, reference letters are also called recommendation letters, but both types of letters differ in their purposes and receiver. A recommendation letter is meant for a known employer, whereas reference letter is sent to an unknown employer.

Letters of reference include employment reference, admission related, character related or personal general letters. Reference letters include details of a person's experience in a particular field, communication skills, academic achievements, character and reliability.

A sample Reference Letter

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To Whom It May Concern:

Kevin worked as a Web Developer for our company XYZ from August 12, 2004 until 25 October, 2008. He performed his responsibilities in a good manner and improved the company's production and his skills as well. His responsibilities included web designing and analyzing web application using new software technologies.

During his period of employment, Kevin succeeded in creating his image as a dependable employee who worked hard to complete the assigned target. His problem solving skills showed his positive attitude while working in stressful condition. Kevin always satisfied me by finishing his assigned work within given time.

I believe that he can also perform well in your organization, as he has marked himself as a talented and self-analyzing employee in our company. His communication skills and cooperative approach to all the staff have made his presence a part of our company.

Although, I will feel bad losing my one of the best employees, I am happy to refer him as a valuable asset to your organization. Please feel free to contact me for any help I can do for Kevin.

Joseph Baker,
HR Manger

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