Business Solicitation Letter

The business solicitation letters are used for inviting tenders, quotations, or donations. Solicitation letters are also written in response to an advertisement of a job description. The letters written in this situation are also called application letters of job. Generally, solicitation letter is written for Christmas party and fundraising from numbers of donors or from an organization.

Business solicitation letters used to invite tenders and quotations include the details of the services that are requested from the suppliers. It also contains the terms and conditions of the service agreement.

Sample of Business Solicitation letter

Mr. Daniel Robinson
The Manager
Texas Paper Manufacturer Corp.
Richardson, Texas 63212

Date: 20 September, 2019

Mrs. Patricia Collins
Management Training Association
Houston, Texas 52346

Dear Mrs. Patricia Collins:

Texas Paper Manufacturer Corp. is inviting tenders from the suppliers who can provide management training programs for senior supervisors and Administration Assistants in our organization. We expect the training suppliers to provide training sessions for along with seminars on different aspects of management by the experts.

We have attached our pricing request and further details of seminar. The organization has reserved the right to reject the offers sent for the management training programs and negotiate with the supplier. The suppliers are supposed to submit their quotations in the pre-addressed envelope which is provided with the bid-request package. If the quotation is accepted within the given time, the vendor will be selected before the month of April in next year.

Copies of the agreements of the requested service are enclosed. These service agreements include service standard agreement, performance statement agreement and the terms and conditions of purchase order.

Please feel free to contact for additional information about the tender. Thanks to you for showing your interest to provide management training programs to meet our needs.

Mr. Daniel Robinson

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