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Skills needed and points required for a resume

Over the years, the competition in the job market has gone from tough to fierce and as the scenario stands today, there is not perhaps a single person especially among the youth who is not a part of this universal rat race. All this have most certainly brought about a few major changes in the procedure or the various methods involved in the recruitment process as far as the preparations on the part of the candidates and the qualities sought by the authorities are concerned.

Unlike the traditional system, where an impressive record of an academic and vocational background would have most certainly secured a job for an individual, today apart from the core content it is also important how they are presented. It is precisely at this point that a resume comes in to the play and certainly in a pivotal role.

Quite disparate from the conventional idea of a bio data, a resume is a more creative exercise where the facts and figures about one's educational background, personal details and work experiences are presented in a way so as to highlight his or her strengths and withhold the negative aspects or shortcomings.

Considering the fact that it has been years now that organizations are involved in the practice of accepting resumes from the candidates in order to consider them for an interview call, one must realized that still there are no such thing as absolute format or definite guidelines for preparing a resume and it is always a creative exercise which needs to be improvised by the individuals on their own. Here, in fact, lies one of the most difficult aspects about writing a resume as one often ponders for hours and days wondering how to go about the entire thing.

One of the first and foremost things that a candidate must take in to account while starting off to prepare a resume is the fact that a resume will end up in a stack with numerous such similar documents from others on the table of a HR manager who will not devote more than half a minute to each of them.

Thus, it should be realized that an individual must be well equipped with resume skills which will make the him or her stand out in the crowd of documents, make him or her appear interesting enough in paper so as to get a call for an interview and hence most importantly the resume should not be an elaborate record of one's life but a precise profile about his or her strengths and accomplishments which can instantaneously impress the one going through it. Thus mainly due to this factor about an immediate judgment being made, the information in the resume has to be to the point.

Another very important point to be kept in mind is that while applying the resume skills to prepare one, an individual must remember that the resume is being written for another person and not for their own reading. Thus, the structure of the document and the articulation of all the facts and figures should be directed accordingly. In other words, a resume should not ideally exceed a couple of pages though being detailed about the information at the same time.

Since the whole objective of preparing a resume and submitting it is to get a call for interview, the contact details such as phone number and address should preferably be on the front page of the document. Talking about resume skills, it is of utmost importance that the key facts such as academic details and background, professional trainings, work experiences and accomplishments should come under clearly made broad headlines so as to make them easier to find and read them. It is always recommended that instead of writing complete sentences in a paragraph form describing at length each and every point, it is better to present them under bullet points making them appear both neat and precise.

Being articulate is perhaps one of the most important and significant resume skills that one requires to possess while going through this process. The candidate needs to judge every other aspects and facts rationally and objectively before deciding what can be considered relevant and pertinent and what not and thus in turn what all to keep in the document and what should be excluded from the resume.

In order to prepare a successful resume, the career objective needs to be well defined and clear so as to each and every piece of information, facts and certificates of achievements should come as evidence of his or her skills and capabilities to fulfill the requirements for that particular job. Keeping in mind these basic points and improvising according to one's own strengths can supplement for any resume skills and produce a real impressive piece of document.

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