How to Write an Announcement Letter

An announcement letter is used to announce an event. It is a medium that helps the writer to give out information about anything happening in his life. He or she may write it to announce a job promotion, shifting to a new address, house warming, arrival of a baby, marriage and wedding anniversaries, pregnancy confirmation, baptism, adoption, business opening, retirement, save the date, and funeral. Professionals will use it for announcing quarterly, half-yearly, and annual financial report, new launches, changes in business operations, address, contact numbers, etc. It makes others aware about a certain event in advance and allows them to change their schedule accordingly. Moreover, it also exhibits that you value time and presence of others. So, the use of an announcement letter is for both personal and professional purposes.

Tips on how to write an announcement letter:

  • Announcement letters not always pass good or happy messages. Sometimes, you may need to write them for sad purposes as well, both in business and personal life. Whatever is the reason of announcement, you must indicate it clearly at the beginning of the letter. If it is a sad news, you may start with “I am sorry to announce the closing of my business from (insert date) due to heavy loss.” If you are announcing a death of someone, you can gently sway the readers into accepting the unexpected. You must put yourself in the reader's shoes and then decide how to convey the news. You must also think about the relationship the dead person had with the readers. It is natural that a sad news is a shocker, but you can still make efforts to lower down the impact through your writing.

  • Whether the announcement is positive or negative, make the letter specific and brief. Don't add details that do not go with the announcement. You can use a paper, and hand write the message if it is for a personal purpose. For business, you have to write it on a company's letterhead.

  • If you are announcing a good news, then make it loud and stand out. Since announcement is meant for everyone to know, try to ignite their interest and compel them to be a part of the event you have planned for. Use colour markers or make the announcement bold. You can also underline the important date. It will make easier for the readers to view and remember it. Use of fancy fonts in announcement letters are acceptable as long as the fonts are readable. Insert suitable graphics as well in case you want something to signify with the event.

  • Make the information presentable and understandable. Don't leave the message incomplete or ask the readers to guess what you would be doing on that particular date. Neither should you ask any question to the readers. Instead, use words that express positive tone if you are announcing some happy event.

  • Announcement letters help in building goodwill, attracting and sustaining customers, winning customers' trust and loyalty, and strengthen personal relationship. Follow these tips and make your announcement special.

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