How to write an Appreciation Letter

An appreciation letter is written to appreciate some ones work and encourage him or her. Writing an appreciation letter is a good gesture and it motivates the recipient. This letter is used to say thank you to people who have helped you in your bad times. You express your gratitude towards them through your letter. Writing as well as getting this type of letter is special. This sort of letter helps you in building a strong bond both in personal as well as professional life.

This letter always uses positive and soft tone. You begin the letter by appreciating a person's work and good deeds. You have to be brief while writing this letter. You have to be prompt in writing. The letter should be addressed to a specific person. Be sincere and honest while writing the letter. Don't get pompous in expressing your feelings. Everything in the letter has to be direct and to the point.

Look at these tips while you draft an appreciation letter:

  • The appreciation letter has to be printed on company's letterhead if it is for professional purpose. Handwritten appreciation letter will do wonders for a friend or a relative.
  • Both the sender's and recipient's name and address should be left aligned. There should be white space between the two addresses.
  • The date on which the letter was written has to be mentioned. The main body should begin with salutation. The word "Dear" is used followed by the recipient's name.
  • The body of the letter should begin with the main idea of appreciating the individual to whom the letter is addressed. You can describe how his efforts have helped you as well as the organization in a formal letter. In informal letter, you can speak about the help and support you received in your difficult phase. The support may be financial or emotional.
  • Do not use creativity in your letter unless you come from a creative field. The letter should use professional font and readable font size.
  • The letter has to be flawless. Proofread once before printing it or sending it.
  • Always sign the letter before dispatching it. The letter should have a complimentary closure. Use phrases like thanking you, yours truly in the end followed by your signature and name.
  • If you want to create an impact through your letter it should be personalized. Make changes in the format if required to make the letter unique.

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