Sales Coordinator Cover Letter

As the name suggests, a Sales Coordinator is a person who is an important part of the business of the company; mainly with the sales operation. So being a sales coordinate, you must be well versed with every basic and important aspect of the job. This is what you must be portrait in your cover letter, before your potential interviewer gets on to your resume. A cover letter, needless to say, is an introductory channel between you and the head of the organization you intend to join. So basically, the letter must be well furnished with all your qualifications and work experiences which you have achieved in the field of sales operation. It is important to know that a cover letter need not be flowery, but it must be able to provide an impression to your interviewer that an interview with you could be a fruitful one. So here are some tips on how to go about writing a cover letter for sales coordinator, so that you can create just the right impression in your interviewer's mind.

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Sample Sales Coordinator Cover Letter

Dick Richardson
South Broad Street
Thomasville, Georgia
United States

Louis Cooper
Hiring Manager
Trade and Mark Company Pvt. Ltd
California Street
San Francisco, California
United States

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I was immensely excited when I got to know from one of my neighbors that your company is hiring people to fill up the post of a sales coordinate. I would like to relay to you that I have just the right experience that you may be looking for in potential candidates, and so I would like to arrange an interview to discuss about the same in person with you.

Economics and public relations were the two main subjects in which I have completed my master's degree in. In a company called Maximize, I have been working as a sales manager for the past 3 years. The organization had given me the responsibility of providing optimal assistance to the marketing team throughout different marketing campaigns. I would also like to inform you that my job did not only involve back office work at the desk, but also field work. I was responsible for doing extensive research in the field of marketing and business, and based on my studies, I lend my support to the team in hitting monthly as well as annual targets of the organization. As a sales manager, I also actively took part in various meetings with management and clients to determine business requirements. Given my communication skills, I was able to maintain good terms with the regional sales team for status of order and position of sales. I also did some work in preparing analytical data on the sales of the company on monthly, weekly or daily basis. To add to this, I have also expertise in working with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power-point, and because of which I was successfully able to prepare proposals, agreements, sales reports, and presentations.

Hope the above description may be good enough to help you see that your decision to hire me as a full time employee in your organization would be a wise one. Hoping to hear from you soon so that we can discuss this further.

Thank you for reviewing my cover letter. You can contact me anytime at (229)-302-3948 or email me at

Yours Sincerely,
Richard Mayor

Enclosure: Resume, Experience Certificate

Whatever mentioned in the above description is only a part of the huge responsibility that a sales coordinator is bestowed upon by the organization he is employed with. Also, it is important to know that whatever you decide to put down in the sales coordinator cover letter, have actually been a part of the work you are doing or have done previously. Remember that that it may be your first interview with the employee, but you may be the 600th of all the persons he has interviewed. Be honest and confident and mention all the stuff that you really know about. Best wishes!

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