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The term 'Broker' is applicable in several fields. It is a specialized position that handles a couple of areas such as stock, insurance, mortgage, commodities, and real estate. Employment is generally available in banks, insurance companies, real estate industry, mortgage companies, consultancy firms, and financial companies. Education in banking or finance with knowledge of accounting, or a degree in business administration are the primary requirements to work as a broker.

The job is usually hectic, and the person may have to work beyond official hours. His daily routine will be to look after renewing policies, assist clients in applications process for claims, research insurance policies, communicate with buyers, sellers and insurance carriers. To perform these duties, he is expected to maintain a great degree of patience, be able to work under pressure, handle stress, have inherent qualities such as courteousness, and well-organized. Abilities to analyze complex data, identify market trends, and flair for finance and accounting are also necessary.

As discussed about the various job profiles the term 'broker' can be associated with, you need to express the following skills in your resume.

You may also add a few more lines to this list based on your experience and skills. Remember, just adding up your skills will not necessarily persuade the readers. The way you present them will decide how much impact you have succeeded in delivering.

After presenting skills on your broker resume, you need to mention your education. This requirement will vary according to the position your are applying as well as the employers. For example, a stockbroker position will need you to hold a degree in either in accounting, economics, international business, and finance or banking. With a degree, if you have completed a master's degree in business administration, you can become a strong contender for the position. Besides education, you will also need to hold a license or some kind of authorization to practice your skills. There are several kinds of authorization issued to qualified candidates based on the area of practice.

To show you have followed your education, add your past and current experience under a heading of “Work History, or “Professional Experience.” The job you are holding at the time of applying must come first. Mention your job title, name of the company, and since when you are with the company. Use bullet points to lay out each responsibility. Using bullets will provide a decent look to the resume and also make it easier to read.

If you want to see how to implement these tips practically in creating the resume, we have given here a few samples of resume. Based on your area of expertise and the industry you are seeking for, you can click and open the resume to understand it completely.

Sample Resumes

Checkout our broker resume samples below:

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