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Whether it's to buy, sell, import, and export something, or to facilitate a deal, individuals and organizations need someone who can handle the process and execute the job to perfection by representing them or acting on behalf of them. That someone is a broker who works as an individual or a firm and ensures the job is done with the mutual consent of all involved. If you have persuasive, negotiation, coordinating, organization, and problem-solving skills, then you're right for a broker profession. However, along with these skills, you will also need a broker resume to show your interest for working with someone.

The fields a broker can work in are real-estate, insurance, import & export, and stock market. So the scope to write a broker resume is quite wide. Luckily, there is something common despite the difference in the fields. And those things are the resume sections. The only thing in those sections will be the change in information based on the candidate's skills, talent, and experience since all these requirements differ in each field.

Tips to write broker resume

The broker resume needs to have a proper structure. If the structure is proper, it will make easy for you to lay out information and to read for the hiring managers. Generally, each broker resume will be different than another despite being written for the same field. What makes them distinct is the details that go in each section. So ensure your resume has these sections.

It's not necessary to include all of these sections. But it will help in impressing the hiring managers if you can add them all.

Professional Summary

Working as a broker is not easy. Not all can have the skills, patience, dedication, and the ability to multi-task. There are many technical and non-technical things involved in the job. But the one that is paramount in the job is customer service skills. So when drafting the summary statement, think about your strengths, strongest qualities, and how to show the hiring managers that you're right for the job. If you could draft it on the line of this example, it will surely pick the interest of the readers.

Diligent, committed, and dedicated broker with 6+ years of experience in helping clients buy and sell residential and commercial properties. Impressive track record in filling vacant properties and increasing clients' revenue by 55%. Familiar with local and neighboring areas, spot and list properties ready for sale and rent. Professional in listening to and presenting clients' demands with ease, opening and closing accounts, collecting payments, inspecting properties, and ensuring compliance in business.

In case, you're just starting this profession, then a 'resume objective' will help in demonstrating your interest and talent for the job. Since it is your opportunity to create a first impression, ensure that you highlight job traits and how you can prove the company hasn't made any mistake by hiring you. Here is how you can draft it:

Looking for a real estate broker job with 'Angel Construction,' where I can follow my passion to help people find properties for personal and business needs and thereby help your company in improving sales and revenue.


The skills section on a broker resume must draw readers' attention, which is possible by including them with bullet point lists. Try to incorporate the ones that are listed in the job description by the employer. Though hard skills are vital, don't forget to include soft skills that are transferable or can be useful in the job. A good combination of both these skills could be these:

Work Experience

Begin your work experience section with the current job first then with the next one. When writing it, highlight the results that you've provided to your employers. Show how you contributed in increasing sales, revenue, client-base, negotiating deals, etc. Since figures and numbers appeal to the eyes and the minds of people, try to quantify the results. When the hiring managers can see results in numbers, they can imagine you doing the same for them.

A good way to show what you've accomplished is to make use of action verbs. That way you can avoid stating job responsibilities and rather focus on what you did. But see that you use main verbs and not auxiliary verbs. Some of those action verbs useful to make a sentence with are:


As said about the technicalities involved in this profession, listing education pertaining to the job can help the hiring managers see you have the formal education, essential background, and can contribute from the day one. So list the degree with the name of the institution, city, state, and zip code, including the year of passing. Don't forget to start with the latest degree first.

Professional Certifications and Licenses

There are certain certification programs that are mandatory to complete for securing a license. If you have it, add them under the education section, or use a separate heading as done for this paragraph. By including industry-specific education, you can project yourself as an educated and a licensed professional.

Honors and Awards

Including honors and awards can do wonders, especially if you are a college graduate and looking to find a stronghold in the field. If you have received one from the college or any social and commercial organization, include the award name and give a brief description. However, one thing to remember when including honors and awards is that it's wiser to do so only when the experience will be useful in the job.

If you have reached this far reading the tips to write a broker resume, we believe you've gained enough knowledge to draft your broker resume. In case you want to have a look at real-world broker resume samples, use the links given below.

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