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An agent is a person who is conferred with absolute power and authority by a person or an entity to act on behalf of them in a manner that deems fit and can be beneficial in their personal and professional endeavor. Generally people or entities who are busy and lack time to deal with parties employ agents. These agents represent and negotiate with the third parties on their clients' behalf and close a deal. They even take crucial decisions for clients because of the authority bestowed on them. Since every industry, be it real estate, insurance, travel and tourism, sales and marketing, glamor, and others, require agents to perform tasks, opportunities to work as an agent are plenty. However, you need to be ready with an agent resume that can help you pocket an interview.

Special qualities of agents

Agents are conceived as an absolute charmer and a glib-tongued with a capacity to turn any worst situations into clients' favor. They thrive on overcoming obstacles and on networking opportunities. At times, they can even act as a mentor or a guide and offer advice to their clients. Their main responsibility is to improve clients' credibility and reputation, and ensure a consistent financial gain. They are best at multi-tasking since they juggle different tasks on the job. Moreover, due to the demand and the need of the job, agents are ready to work unsocial hours, and to travel domestically and internationally.

To demonstrate all these qualities, you must be able to draft an agent resume that can charm the hiring manager for which these tips will be useful.

Tips to write an agent resume

Agents can bring a major change in their clients' lives with their networking, persuasive, communication, and negotiation skills. To be successful in an agent's profession, one needs to acquire as many skills as possible. Equally important is to present them in a concise and precise manner.

Ditch Career Objective and use Professional Summary

Every hiring managers know that you have applied for the job because you need it. But they are not aware about your professional skills, experience, and achievements, which are necessary to give them a reason to hire you. By using a professional summary, you can provide an overview of your talent and keep them engaged in reading your resume in full.

Since a license is mandatory for the profession of any agent profession, its better to start the summary with it and then move on to exhibit why you're better than others.

For an example purpose, we are assuming that you're applying for a real estate agent job and are experienced. In that case, your professional summary should read like this:

A licensed realtor with 7+ years of experience in selling and renting residential and commercial properties. Proven abilities in finding, converting, and retaining potential customers for clients. Strong persuasive skills with abilities to negotiate and handle deals for clients. Holds a massive network locally and an inter-state, and popularity in the real estate sector to provide maximum financial gains to clients.

Note: Use this principle to write a professional summary even when you're applying for an insurance agent, sales agent, talent agent, travel agent, collection agent, marketing agent, or any agent job.

Don't underestimate the power of numbers

When you're working for entities, sales determines your success. Similarly, when you are looking to work as an agent for an individual, a political party, or a celebrity, the amount of financial gains you fetched for them will be crucial. In addition, how you helped the clients in cutting their expenses, and managed third parties can go in the work experience. But see that you quantify your work experience since numbers can turn the job application process in your favor.

Let's see how numbers can be used in work experience for a realtor job:

Highlight relevant skills

An agent resume needs to showcase both hard and soft skills which are necessary to succeed in the job. While both these requirements are mostly being common for any agent job, don't forget to highlight these skills in your agent resume:

Action verbs for your agent resume

All hiring managers know the duties and responsibilities of an agent for a particular role. So including them in the resume will not impress them. Instead, use action verbs to show what job you did and how.

Pick up the suitable action verbs matching with your job and use them to describe the job done by you.

If these tips are still insufficient for you, then use the links below provided for different types of agent resume samples. You can copy and modify them if you want to secure an interview.

Sample Agent Resume

Checkout our sample agent resumes below :

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