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Agent is a person who acts on behalf of another person and is subject to the other's control. An agent works in his own agency or an agency authorized by other person. Agency is the fiduciary relationship that results from assent of one person to another that acts on his behalf and subject to his assent and control by the other so to act.

The laws of agency deal with the tripartite relationship between:

Principal is a person for whom the action is taken.
Agent is a person who acts (e.g. attorney agent, travel agent, real estate agent, or other type of agent). Agent's have certain duties that are primarily for offering benefits to other person. Also they should have legal acts performing abilities for the principal. A special agent has an authority to conduct only a single transaction or series of transactions that doesn't include continuity of services while, a general agent has an authority to conduct a series of transaction including a continuity of Services.

When you are going to apply for the post of agent in several fields such as travel, insurance and many more, you have to prepare your resume in such way that would focus on your abilities, capabilities and achievements. So that the employer would get impressed and call back you for the interview.

Thus an agent resume must be clear, simple and easily readable. That will help the employer to identify what he is looking for. Use suitable tile as per the job requirement so that your resume should get higher priority.

A person who is willing to work as an agent must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. He must be able to represent himself in front of an interviewer that he is only candidate, suitable for the job. Besides that a person must have knowledge of computer and several marketing strategies.

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