Recruiter Resume

Recruiter Resume

As a professional recruiter, you may have read plenty of resumes and have selected or rejected candidates based on the information on it. But when you're trying to apply to your dream company, drafting a resume for self becomes a tiring task. Thinking from the prospective employer's point of view gets difficult. The best way to manage such an unavoidable situation is to take the help of recruiter resume templates, and samples.

However, just like it's wise to know the depth of the water before entering into it, let's first understand a resume format and sections/subsections to include.

Resume Format

There are three different types of resume formats. These definitions will make it clear which one to choose.

  1. Chronological Resume Format:Jobseekers and recruiters prefer this resume format using which you can list your current work history first and that's what recruiters want to read first. It is also ideal for showing continuous employment record. Moreover, it is easy to customize for job seekers, and to scan for the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  2. Functional Resume Format:When you've had a gap in your career, this resume format can help you highlight your skills and strengths instead of your work experience. However, you can list the work experience by categorizing it into achievements and transferable skills.
  3. Combination Resume Format:It's not hard to guess from its name that this format is a mixture of both the chronological and the functional resume. Using this, you can emphasize transferable as well as your work history. It is ideal for those who are looking for a career change.

Resume Sections:The four important sections that every recruiter wants to read in a resume are:

This section is for providing your personal details such as name, current address, email address, and phone and cell number. Remember, the details must come at the every start of the resume.

Choosing between a resume summary or an objective would depend on whether you're an experienced or a fledgling recruiter. Generally, experienced candidates use the summary, whereas, freshers use the objective. Refer these two samples depending on your experience.

  1. Resume Summary: A highly-committed senior recruiter with seven years of experience in handling staffing for IT and non-IT entities. Holds an unbelievable track record of recruiting skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled people for start-ups and enterprise-level companies. Proven competencies in reducing hiring costs, retaining talents, improving clients' social status by hiring people of diverse groups and origin. Immense ability to meet and exceed staffing goals of the organization.
  2. Resume Objective: - A young, enthusiastic, and confident recruiter seeking an entry-level position with “Commercia Groups of Industries,” to utilize my academic and practical skills obtained from project-work to provide immaculate staffing solutions.

This is where you can list all your present and previous work histories, including paid and unpaid. This section gives you a chance to present yourself as a professional, and highlight volunteer work to demonstrate your values. One main thing to remember when listing your experience is to use action verbs. Words such as interviewed, evaluated, staffed, sourced, restructured, developed, managed, hired, maintained, and exceeded must be included. There are many such action verbs that can prove you as an achiever.


Before including skills, read the job description carefully. Chances are, the recruiters might have used words or key-phrases for skills they are looking for and make convenient for the Applicant Tracking Systems to scan. So by including those words or key-phrases, the ATS can pick your resume. Those keywords will also make easy for the recruiters understand you possess the job skills.

Every job needs a certain basic education and the recruiter profile is no different. The hiring managers want to know what degree you hold, from where you earned it, and in which year. You can also indicate the courses or other training programs that you did for making yourself the brightest prospect in the recruitment industry.

To see how a real recruiter resume reads and looks, refer to the resume samples given below. Just click on the link matching with your job profile.

Sample Recruiter Resume

Checkout our sample recruiter resumes below:

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