Administrative Support Occupations

The emergence of multi-national companies has created the need of administrative supports to achieve their targeted goals. Administration is a broad term that comprises of the management of business operations. The responsibility of an administrator is to organize people and resources effectively as to achieve targeted objectives.

A company secretary or general manager may be in power of administration whose work is to report to the respective board of directors. In many establishments, the word administration is associated with management information systems services, finance, and other personnel. Office and administrative support occupations incorporates a number of jobs such as financial secretary, clerks, data entry clerks, dispatcher, executive assistant, personal assistant, production assistant, customer relationship manager, etc.

The work of financial secretary is to perform various clerical responsibilities for an accounting department of a company. Financial secretaries primarily deal with office responsibilities such as faxing documents, answering telephones, and greeting clients and customers. They may examine tax papers and financial forms to ensure they are flawless.

The job of executive assistant is to provide good administrative support by means of preparing statistical reports, conducting research, preparing information requests, and executing other clerical functions such as receiving visitors, preparing correspondence, organizing conference calls, and scheduling meetings. They may supervise other clerical staffs.

A customer relationship manager supervises all customer service representatives and make sure all customers receive prompt services. A customer relationship manager interacts with customers through fax, telephone, internet, email, or in person. The work of these managers is to evaluate the situation and determine what action should be taken. These managers work closely with other employees with the intention of providing guidance during the difficult phase. They help employees to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Additionally, customer relationship manager is accountable for making sure company's procedure is followed properly. Other responsibilities in this occupation may include issuing customer refunds, solving customer complaints, forwarding customer issues, collecting past due payments, dealing with vendor problems, organizing employee activities, reconciling data, transferring internal data to high management, etc.

Candidates who are willing to get into this field need to have a bachelor's degree in business administration or business management. They must have experience in customer service. Candidates need to have skills including computer skills, communication skills, multi-tasking ability, and interpersonal skills. A Master's in Business Administration is required to get good future opportunities in office and administrative support occupations.

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