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Jobs, interview calls, right candidates, high salaries, all just a click away. One document which holds the key to all is the resume. Resume, sounds simple but is far from it. Hundreds of candidates get rejected by recruiters based on the simple fact that their resume is not well written. Avoid getting lost in the crowd and make your resume stand up for you.

There is a huge imbalance in the number of jobs and the number candidates. Tip the scales in your favor by putting out the right resume. Follow the advice provided on our website to make a good resume.

  1. Take Professional Help: The best example is our website; here we have provided the best industry format resumes that will land you the right opportunity. All you have to do is search for the right title and rest is on the website.
  2. Ask Around: Nothing like the critical eye of friend to point out your mistakes. Get your resume read by friend who will give you their honest opinion. Do make sure your friend knows what they are doing.
  3. Cover Letter: The importance of a cover letter cannot be stressed more. It is your formal introduction and it is here that you can get complete attention of the recruiter. There is a certain way the cover letter is to be written, and we have the right format that will create a good impression for you.
  4. The Right Website: Upload your resume on the correct website. Candidates upload their resumes on every site possible, but it is better to upload on the right one as it increases your chances of landing a job with the right people. Just do some research from your side on which is the better site and upload your resume.
  5. Grammatical Errors: One major reason why resumes get rejected is grammatical errors. It gives the impression of lapse on your behalf regarding the resume. The recruiter will off course think if the candidate is making mistakes in such a basic document, then what will be the quality of work done by them. Hence, once done, check your resume for grammatical and spelling errors
  6. Originality: Incorporate some of your personality in the resume. Do not plagiarize from other resumes, unique and original resumes catch the eye of the recruiters faster.
Follow the above mentioned advice while writing your resume and the results will be for you to see. Give your resume the due importance it deserves and use the right formats given on our website.

This site provides detailed advices on how to make a good resume, what format you should use and many more things like resume length, paper size, paper color, typesetting, type of resume (functional or chronological) and action verbs. You can also look into our hundreds of free sample resumes for your help.

More resume tips and articles are being added to out site on regular basis. We are also in a continuous process on adding more and more free resume samples for your specific resume and job profile needs. Please note that all these sample resumes are free for personal use for your own job application. These free resume samples cannot be sold or distributed to others (other than your own job application) as it is or in any modified form.

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