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If you are an executive, your resume would be the marketing vehicle of huge effect, but only if it is handled effectively. It means your resume must pass on your career history correctly and impressively, and must be carried into right hands at the correct time.

But don't be feared if it is been a though since you last revised your resume. Whether you have already taken a call or are expecting to be referred to one, then what be important is that you have the perfect profile of employment record and professional successes from which to generate your fresh resume (Obviously, that needs that you to perform some record maintaining along a way so you be able to put together the resume honestly easily and rapidly when asked for to do so).

Prior to you begin writing (if you are blessed, an interviewer has suggested to write it for you and simply wants you to respond his questions), imagine about what you are aiming to get. Where faithfully do you desire to go then? What sorts of Sr-management pose will the most successfully influence your education, skills, experience, and headship abilities?

Be Honest & Straightforward :

After you have replied/answered these and other ends questions to your self satisfaction, you will be able to start to create the persuasive resume that expresses your experience and intelligence in a manner that may make happy to an executive headhunter.

Emphasis on results you have delivered. However do not make your resume longer or oversell. Make it precise and honest.

There are various kinds of executives available, whom you have to choose is totally depend on the type of work you are planning. The list of executives include sales executive, account executive, executive director, senior executive, care executive, HR executive, executive chef, executive housekeeper and many more.

Sample Executive Resume

Checkout our sample executive resumes below :

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