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To ensure that an organization is functioning smoothly, you need an efficient administrative department. The administration field has a wide range of profiles right from assistant to the senior executive position. To get an entry in this field, a compelling resume along with related education is must. When a recruiter looks at your application, he or she wants to see administrative skills. Furthermore, it is important that you have a definite structure for your resume. It reflects your ability to collate and present information succinctly. Here are a few tips to write an effective administration resume.

Contact Information

A resume is a self advertisement to a prospective employer. So including correct details is necessary. Hence, irrespective of the format you choose, always include the basic information section on the first page right on the top. Write these details in a clear, legible and bold font so that the hiring manager can connect with you easily. Mention your full name, professional email address and correct contact details.

Start on a strong note (objective/summary)

In the next section, you have to put a strong point to tell why you are the best fit for the job. If you are a beginner, write a precise and eye-catchy job objective or else include a career summary of 3-4 lines. As the whole point is to catch the recruiter's attention and compel him/her to read on further, you need to mention traits that the company wants. Include phrases that tell what skills you possess. Depending on the position you are applying for, customize this section. For instance, if you are interested in working as a stenographer/typist, mentioning your wpm count can imprint your application in the hiring manager's mind.

Highlight your skills

When a recruiter skims through your document, it is obvious that he is going to look for particular skills. Hence, including a separate section to throw light on your abilities can help him clearly understand your traits. Here you can mention the technology you have developed proficiency in whether database management, applications such as Word, Excel or Power Point, etc. Furthermore, instead of just simply highlighting your administrative skills, write what you achieved with them in limited words. It could be maintaining long-term relations with the clients, or keeping the documentation organized. This not only shows your professionalism, but also paints a clear picture in the hiring manager's mind.

administration resume

Show off your accomplishments

While writing down your work history, always begin with your current designation, and company and then continue in reverse chronological order. Write about the designations handled, employer name and the time you were employed at the particular firm. In this part, instead of merely listing out your daily duties, mention your successful achievements along with numbers. It could be the number of calls you handled per day or specific clerical duties that were assigned for you specifically by your immediate boss. In bullet points, write short descriptions of the tasks that highlighting your significant achievements. Instead of just listing out the duties, add quantitative figures to demonstrate what you bring to the table. For instance, if you were involved in training a new team, you could specify the number of workers, type of training session or its main objective.

Add education section after experience

At the bottom, include a short educational qualification section. Mention the highest degree, university and the year you have completed it. If you have done certain training or certification relevant to the profile, add it in the document. You can also include the license obtained from the concerned authority in this section.

Tailor it as per the job

Similar to other sectors, this department also has a number of profiles. Hence, writing the same resume for every position is definitely not going to help you make the cut. Customizing your document as per the profile is necessary as each role has different requirements. Furthermore, the job advertisement will help you understand what an employer is expecting from a prospective employee. Including the keywords from the description can help in grabbing the recruiter's attention. Depending on it, decide which section or sentence must be highlighted in your application.

Resume is your selling tool, and you must ensure that it is free from typos and grammatical mistakes. In addition to this, keep it to the point, use correct format and font, and make it legible. Before submitting your resume for a job opening, proofread it at least 2-3 times. Make sure that the document has industry terminologies, is concise, does not include irrelevant points, and is of 2 pages. For further assistance, you can always refer to the administration resume samples below.

Some samples of various Administrative resumes

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