Manager Resume

Management in all business realms and organizational activities are the acts of getting people together to achieve desired objectives and goals. Management incorporates organizing, planning, directing, leading, staffing, and controlling efforts of an organization, or a group of people to achieve desired goals.

The responsibility of a manager is to manage money, things, and people. Management of people is one of the most challenging tasks for a manager. In order to manage money and things, a manager has to work with people. All managers perform relatively the same job activities. Nevertheless, the time spent on each activity and the significance given to these activities may vary considerably.

A manager has to have managerial skills including:

  • Communication skills
  • Conceptual skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effectiveness skills
  • Meticulous observation
  • Ability to monitor employee performance
  • Demonstrate working knowledge and expertise
  • Good decision making
  • Ability to conduct and assess research

Manager Resume

The job of a manager is complex and varied. Managers need above-mentioned skills to execute the duties and activities. A good manager should possess human skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills. Technical skills comprises of knowledge and proficiency in a certain specialized area such as computers, engineering, manufacturing, managerial, and financial accounting.

A manager with good human skills is able to get the best out of the employees in manager job. Human skills encompass the ability to work well with other people in a group as well as individual. Managers with good human skills know how to motivate, communicate, lead, and inspire trust and enthusiasm. Conceptual skills incorporate the ability to think and conceptualize about complex and abstract situations. These skills are considerably important at all levels of management.

A manager has to use all these skills, to understand the relationship among many subunits, see the organization as a whole, and visualize how the organization fits into its broader environment. Therefore, to become a good manager, one has to possess all the above discussed skills.

Sample Manager's Resume

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